Kenneth J. Gerbino & Company is in its 37th year managing investment portfolios for individuals, pensions, trusts and corporations, focusing on three primary investment strategies:

Gerbino Gold Group, LLC
The Gerbino Gold Group is a private fund for accredited investors only and Federal financial regulations prohibit us from talking about this on our website. Accredited investors can receive further information on the Gerbino Gold Group, LLC, by filling out the Accredited Investor Form. A KJG representative will then contact you with the appropriate information.

Special Preservation Account
This account is conservative. With interest rates at 45 year lows, a stock market that is up 10 times in value over the last 20 years, and an economy that has expanded in real goods and services by only 40% in the same 20 years, we think you should be very careful with your funds. This account will be managed to achieve some capital gains in investments that we feel have reasonable growth potential, but most of your funds will be in low risk interest rate investments and some high quality dividend paying stocks.
Minimum Account Size: $1,000,000.
Annual Fee: .75%.

Gold Mining Stock Account
We believe that precious metal prices will trend higher for the remainder of the decade. Therefore a well-diversified portfolio of gold, silver and some base metal mining companies offers both growth and value opportunities, as well as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. This account should be considered as a prudent diversification for a portion of your total portfolio.
Minimum account size: $250,000.
Annual Fee 2.5%.

The Hayek Prophecies: A documentary hailed as one of the greatest dissertations on economics ever recorded. Nobel Laureate F.A. Hayek was the most important economist of our time and perhaps in all of history. In a never-before-seen interview conducted by money manager Kenneth J. Gerbino, Hayek discusses dozens of topics in simple and understandable terms that uncannily relate to today's economic problems and offers chilling warnings in order for civilization to survive. Today, even many years after his death, Hayek's books are still global bestsellers. He was not a conservative or a liberal. He stood for peace, democracy, religious and racial tolerance and also for individual liberty, private property, free markets and the right for every man, woman and child to be free from right or left wing totalitarianism.


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