Special Preservation Account
for the Conservative Investor
Minimum Account Size: $1,000,000. Annual Fee: 0.75%
A Well-Thought-Out Investment Strategy Designed to Preserve Money for You

Kenneth J. Gerbino & Company has designed the Specialty Preservation Account to provide income and some growth but emphasis is on safety — a good theme for your serious money. The bond or debt side of the portfolio is invested in interest bearing securities and bonds. This combination has the potential for some capital gains but is really geared for wealth preservation despite variable cycles in the economy and markets. We invest the equity portion of your portfolio in fundamentally strong companies that are selling at a price that reflects, in our opinion, exceptional long-term value. We identify companies that possess special elements of safety.

For the Conservative Investor: In our Special Preservation Account we seek to provide you with consistent yet modest returns in all economic and market cycles. In pursuing this objective we feel a strong responsibility to moderate risk so as to preserve capital, as we realize that the key to making money is to not lose it.

How We Invest Your Money Conservatively

Our investment criteria help us select companies that have some growth potential, good balance sheet characteristics, and other characteristics that define safety and value. We want conservative stocks with good value and some growth. We derive the interest portion of your total return from corporate and government bonds, convertible bonds and preferred stocks, and dividend-paying common stocks according to our analysis of interest rates, and economic and market trends.

The Goal is Consistent, Modest Yet Safe Returns

Through a conservative, pragmatic investment mix, this Account seeks to provide you with consistent modest total returns. We seek to give you returns from interest and dividends plus some return from capital appreciation.

The Advantage of Natural Resources

A portion of your portfolio at this time will be invested in large natural resource companies dealing with such essentials as copper, oil, natural gas, and other metals. We feel natural resources are a good investment. World population growth and industrialization will cause continually increasing demands for resources. Due to the economic growth in Asia and newly developing countries, resources will be in high demand in the coming decades. China is now the largest consumer in the world of copper, zinc, lead, aluminum and nickel. A multi-decade demand increase is developing in resources that has never been experienced before. Resource companies also give you a long-term hedge against moderate or high inflation rates that usually take hold after numerous interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

Conservative Investment of Your Nest Egg or Retirement Funds

The Special Preservation Account is at the conservative end of our investment spectrum. This is an account for your serious money, your "nest egg," or your retirement funds. These funds should outpace inflation, be diversified, and have a balance between steady income and some growth with a low risk profile.

Who Should Open a Special Equity Account?

If you are a conservative investor, this account should fit your needs. You may schedule withdrawals from this account monthly or quarterly, according to your wishes.


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